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Commercial Banking

Savings & Current accounts in foreign currencies for corporate clients’ business operations including US Dollar Fixed Deposit accounts.

Credit and Financing

Acquisition financing and refinancing packages in selected markets for industrial, commercial, retail as well as residential properties.

Investment Advisory

We offer advice and exclusive access to structured products and high-yielding & bespoke investment avenues.

Wealth Solutions

Personalized solutions to structure, manage and protect clients’ wealth through investments, insurance and other financial instruments.

Trust Services

Financial and administrative expertise on designing tailored trust structures which includes providing insight and advice on trust-related issues.

Virtual Banking

Acquisition financing and refinancing packages in selected markets for industrial, commercial, retail as well as residential properties.

24 Hour Swift

24-hour Transaction services for remitting and receiving of funds.


Self-mandated 25% fractional reserves vs 15% regulated requirement.

Financial inclusion

Partner with the government to grow financial inclusion and the economy by promoting better local and cross-border financial connectivy between individuals and businesses. (Financing investors into China)

State-of-the-art technology

Has direct access to technology which could develop the tourism, agriculture, construction and manufacturing sectors of the Country.

our value proposition

The Value Behind Our Success

Strong Asian presence

With OCTAGON Bank’s presence in Asia, we will open mulitple corridors into Asia for further investments in the future. OCTAGON Bank will be the conduit between the Asian growing wealth and the the rest of the world.

Knowledge transfer

We will bring knowledge transfer to the local economy through its financial and advisory services. (develops the local hires)

Fintech infrastructure

Leverage on OCTAGON Bank‘s fintech infrastructure. (hyper ledger, digital asset ready)

our value proposition

The Value Behind Our Success

Expansion banking opportunities

Financial inclusion

Expansion banking opportunities

Strong Asian presence

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Knowledge transfer

Expansion banking opportunities

Real estate financing

We offer acquisition financing and refinancing packages in selected markets. Our team can provide advice on real estate financing for industrial, commercial, retail as well as residential properties.

Investment advisory

We offer structured products from a wide variety of categories, and they can be used in conjunction with other financial instruments.

Corporate credit

An assortment of individual and personalized services, by which OCTAGON Bank partners with the customer to assist in its organisation’s growth. Financing is available in a range of products such as letters of credit and bankers acceptances for working capital, trade financing and capital expenditure.

Wealth Solutions

Octagon Bank & Capital Statutory Trust provides a wide spectrum of customisable solutions in the fund management arena. We engage clients at all levels; these cover structuring, funding, syndication, deployment and management, including trust and custodian services for both open and close-ended vehicles.

Commercial credit

Financing for business start-up, expansion, acquisition of commercial properties and working capital requirements.

Financial technology infrastructure

24 hour SWIFT/OTC access

24-hour SWIFT services with digital asset OTC

Digital asset ready online banking platform

Online banking account platform where clients can view USD/EUR/HKD/RMB with selected Digital Assets

High grade insured custody solutions

Custody solutions for Digital assets to facilitate indirect exposure via derivatives and indices to provide traditional investors an exposure to the digital asset sphere

Hyperledger faber

Hyperledger Fabric allows components, such as consensus and membership services, to be plug-and-play.

The 3 pillars

Expansion banking opportunities


With existing diverse relationships with numerous correspondent banks, OCTAGON Bank is not constrained by foreign exchange controls like other bigger banks.


OCTAGON constantly looks to the future and have partnered with key stakeholders in developing state-of-the-art technology and digital infrastructure to facilitate KYC processes, payment solutions, micro-lending solutions.


Bringing in a wealth of internal capabilities and combined experience in regulatory and financial services within Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, our strategic locations and physical presences within these countries puts us at the forefront of the banking industry.


Expansion banking opportunities


  • Receiving Investment Bank License (Class B)
  • Receiving approval for correspondent accounts in USD and EUR from top AAA banks
  • Establishment of partnership with SWIFT (BIC8 for SUPE)
  • Establishment of rules of engagement by local monetary authority

Integration Commercial bank

  • Integration of core banking system for Commercial banking
  • Establish Commercial Policy and Procedures for country’s Booking centre.
  • Expansion of CDD, AML, KYC facilities coverage to country’s booking centre
  • Establish Singapore Team

Launch Commercial bank

  • Aggressive marketing and crowd exposure to private commercial clients (ASEAN).
  • Launch of Credit loan facilities
  • Launch of Trade Finance facilities
  • Launch of online banking platform for commercial clients


  • Establish 2nd Corresponding Bank relationship in HK
  • Integration of core banking system with 2nd Corresponding Bank
  • Country’s Infrastructure assessment and development proposals
  • Start Marketing China based clients


  • Aggressive marketing and crowd exposure to Greater China clients.
  • Launch of Credit loan facilities
  • Launch of Credit Cards
  • Establish China gateway
  • Launch of proposed infrastructure developments (tourism, agriculture, construction manufacturing sectors )

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

Unlimited worldwide deposit taking

Given the major advantages for all market participants and the fact that open banking also opens up the deposit market for new providers, the era of platform banking in this important product category is surely finally upon us.

Crypto exchange wallet

We offer custom e-wallet solution included compatible with Apply Pay and Google Pay. Crypto exchange wallet API included.

Own swift code

SWIFT Codes are a common part of conducting transactions. For merchants and companies who transfer payments internationally, SWIFT codes identify bank so the money is withdrawn and deposited in the right place. It’s up to the company to locate their banking SWIFT codes to ensure quick and accurate payment.

Traceable securities

Issue and trade traceable securities such as MTN’s Stocks, Bonds, and other securities.

Banking software

We provide basic core banking software suit (full suite optional). It is enterprise software that is used by the banking industry to provide and manage the financial products they provide.

Knowledge transfer

Expansion banking opportunities